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Choosing Maker Fonts

Carefully selected fonts can give your project that custom look, but some fonts just don’t match some projects and don’t work well on some machines in a makerspace. This post will walk you through selecting fonts based on your project goals and the tools you will be using. Free Fonts: Let’s start with where to find…

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Defining Making in the Big Tent

Adam Savage has described making as “reaching out into the world and manipulating it to better suit our needs.” He goes on to talk about making as spanning everything from laser cutting to poetry – the whole big wide world of creative endeavors.  I love this umbrella definition because it embraces all of the worlds’…

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Laser Cutting Tips

Adding laser cutting tips as we go along. Acrylic – cast versus extruded: “Burn a piece, extruded burns silently and will drip molten balls, cast burns with a crackly/smokey flame and wont drip.” – Rodne Gold Source   —- flickr photo in header by IntelFreePress shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Project Workshop Ideas

MakerSpaces tend to have at least two types of classes, tool-focused and project-focused. In tool-focused classes, you learn how to operate tools safely, efficiently, and effectively. In project-focused classes, you learn how to leverage tools, materials, and knowledge to produce something.