Defining Making in the Big Tent

Adam Savage has described making as “reaching out into the world and manipulating it to better suit our needs.” He goes on to talk about making as spanning everything from laser cutting to poetry – the whole big wide world of creative endeavors.  I love this umbrella definition because it embraces all of the worlds’ creative outlets without putting up artificial barriers. It’s inclusive, rather than exclusive. It welcomes you into the big tent, wherever you are at, and whatever you are making.

Practically, this expansive approach allows this blog to encompass all of our own creative interests within a single home. So, you’ll eventually find lots of info on making things and making makers in makerspaces. But, don’t be surprised when you see a post on data visualization (making data into pictures) or projection mapping (making light into art) or writing (making words into meaning). It’s all making. And it’s all good.